Gayle Nathan, Esq. Mediator, Arbitrator, Private Judge

Gayle Nathan, Esq. Prior to her election to the District Court, Family Division in 2010, Gayle Nathan practiced law for 22 years. Her areas of practice focused on the family law arena. She has litigated over one thousand trials and/or evidentiary hearings. Ms. Nathan also had a busy employment law practice, litigating Title VII cases in the U.S. Federal Court where she participated in the Early Neutral Evaluation program where most of her cases settled. She has substantial civil experience in contracts and personal injury. Having been an employer with her own firm for 15 years, she understands business law and the banking and tax implications for small businesses.

She has taken up 16 cases on appeal, arguing numerous cases before the Nevada Supreme Court, en banc, and before three judge panels. She took appeals up to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, arguing before three judge panels in that jurisdiction.

While on the bench she successfully assisted Family Court judges in settling their cases. Preparing for private practice in 2015, Ms. Nathan took a six hour intermediate mediation seminar offered by the Alternative Dispute Resolution division of the State Bar of Nevada. She is looking forward to working in the alternative dispute resolution arena and offering her services as a private judge.


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