images-15There is no need to wait for a lengthy legal process when using mediation.

Mediation can save a lot of time. In some cases, a resolution can be reached in a single session. The sooner a resolution is reached, the sooner one can experience the end of conflict, and the relief of the stress, anxiety, uncertainly, distraction and expense of the conflict. It is the participants who control the outcome of the process.

Mediation is much less expensive than litigation. Even a very simple lawsuit can cost several thousand dollars in attorney fees, plus costs, which can be significant.   Usually, parties pay for their own lawyers, but there can be a risk of also having to pay the opposing party’s legal fees if one loses. The earlier in the litigation process mediation is used, the greater the cost savings can be. In mediation the parties share the cost of the mediator.

Mediation can address all conflicts and concerns, not just legal issues. It is possible to reach comprehensive practical solutions that are tailored to each specific situation. Solutions can be very creative.

Mediation can help the participants preserve on-going relationships.

Since the parties have invested in the mediation process, solutions reached are more likely to work and be implemented by the parties than when a court dictates the results.

Mediation is voluntary. One’s legal rights are preserved if no solution is reached. Even if a comprehensive solution is not reached, mediation can lead to better understanding and improvement in situations which can prevent legal confrontations. In the case of an impasse, the mediation can focus on where the participants should go next.

Mediation can be flexible. Lawyers may or may not be involved, depending upon the wishes of the parties and counsel. Any written agreements can be reviewed and approved by counsel for each party.


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