Why would you want to mediate and not litigate?

Regardless of what kind of issues you have with someone else there are common threads. Misunderstandings, feelings of betrayal, financial loss, anger, control, you want them to suffer or “pay” for what they did among many other reasons. Emotions are normal and getting past them to find solutions can be done in more than one way.

In many instances the parties do not want to ever see the other person again are looking for third party endorsement that they are in the right. After all, your attorney is on your side and of course the Judge will agree with you.

Don't forget to make sure everyone understands what is required and when!

The reality is you are only representing your view of the events and the other party has a very different view that they believe is right. Now you must take the time and finances to invest in the legal process and flame the fires of dissent. Will the Judge decide you are in the right or the other party? The courts are flooded with cases that could have been resolved without litigation.

There is an alternative to consider and that is mediation. The process allows you to present your “case” in the presence of the other party and then listen to their “case”. Parties can bring their attorney if needed and present everything they feel will support their position.

Mediation is confidential which is very valuable especially in employment or other business conflicts.

A neutral mediator manages the process and the participants discuss and negotiate the outcome. The process allows everyone to have their say, saves time as most mediations can be scheduled in a very timely manner, saves money that would have been spent on litigation and court costs and statistically over 75% of voluntary mediation result in some sort of resolution. So what is best for you?

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