Should you use mediation for your divorce?


Mediation is a quick, inexpensive, fair and effective way to resolve conflict without costly legal proceedings. It is a confidential and private problem-solving process in which the parties use a trained, neutral mediator to help them reach agreement. Mediation is a self-empowering process that emphasizes the participants’ responsibility for making decisions that affect them.


Mediation helps to provide a real alternative, assists the couple mutually to derive a personalized solution to the various decisions that must be made, and often shortens the amount of time needed to come to resolutions. It can reduce costs, emotional distress, and provide more privacy.

What disputes can be MEDIATED?

Business, partnerships, workplace, divorce (including the division of assets and debts), custody/visitation, parenting plans, parent/child conflicts, spousal and child support, grandparent visitation, domestic partnership disputes, prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, and elder care issues. Parties are more satisfied when they are involved in the solutions.


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