Divorce-what are your choices?

There is no doubt that ending a relationship is difficult. What happens to your children is the most heart breaking as they are confused and torn between their love of both parents and how to adjust to a new lifestyle. Just as you made choices in deciding to end your relationship you are now faced with choices about your children, your stuff and your pets.

couples fightingOur system of using courts to make decisions for our families creates an adversarial process that can be expensive and emotionally destructive. While using the courts is beneficial for some it is not the right for everyone and you have choices in how to deal with the process. Mediation can help you work through the issues as you work together to make decisions that are best for your family. Mediation provides a process that is less expensive and without the delays experienced in the court system.

Joanna Wares is an experienced mediator who works to resolve disputes.

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