Conflict Coaching

conflict coach

Have you ever been frustrated when you are trying so hard to communicate with someone and they just don’t get it?  Not only do they not get it, you find yourself in a situation where there is uncomfortable conflict surrounding all aspects of your relationship.  You may have tried several ways to come to some kind of working or personal relationship but nothing seems to work and the other person is not interested in working with you to resolve the problem.

Some tips that might help are:

  • Take a deep breath and step back from the situation for a few minutes
  • Use “I” works that describe how you feel and interpret the problem.  Avoid using “you” words that can imply criticism or blame
  • Reevaluate your expectations and consider what the other person’s expectations might be, if you don’t know, ask
  • Listen to what they are saying
  • Avoid backing someone into a corner
  • Think outside the box
  • Apologize if that is appropriate

You may find that mediation might help with the situation.  If the other person isn’t willing to mediate, consider Conflict Coaching. Conflict resolution coaching is a confidential, one-on-one session to deal with a specific situation of conflict involving a neutral “coach” and a person experiencing conflict. Conflict coaches can help people prepare mentally and emotionally to approach the other person involved in the conflict and develop a plan for how to address the situation constructively.

The “coach” is a third-party who is not involved in the conflict. Conflict Coaching can be used when the other party declines the invitation to mediate or when a person experiencing interpersonal conflict seeks guidance from a conflict coach when they are unsure how to approach the other party.

Conflict Coaching is one of the many conflict resolution tools used to help individuals, businesses and organizations manage conflict.   Coaching involves consultation and guidance on a specific dispute or conflict to get clear on the needs and to open up new options for strategies to meet those needs.

Coaching is also appropriate for conflicts where mediation is not possible or necessary.

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