When would Mediation with my business partner or my staff help my business?


It is interesting when you consider how many situations occur in business that results in arguments, dissension and conflict.  While conflict can be a positive in many cases, for the most part it creates a drain on the time and effectiveness of you and your staff which translates to loss of revenue.

Dissention between any staff but especially your business partner or senior staff impacts more than just the individuals involved.  You may have chosen the best and most experienced people for the job and yet find the very thing that makes them good at what they do also makes interaction with other staff members difficult.

Avoiding conflict is not always the answer, acknowledging conflict and determining the underlying factors and identifying solutions is.  Mediation first of all, takes you out of the middle of the disagreement and focuses on the individuals in conflict.  The process helps everyone express what they consider to be the problem, explore possible ways to resolve the problems individually and “negotiate” a resolution with the other individual(s).

Some things that often lead to conflict are:

  • Different communication styles
  • Personal values
  • Inclusion
  • Clearly defined roles
  • Violation of “personal space”
  • Expectations

Your human resource department can often help by coaching individuals and following your company guidelines but in some cases you may find a neutral third party offers a fresh approach.  Mediation is confidential and can usually be scheduled quickly.

Is it important to you to keep good quality staff members?  Do you have issues with one or more of your staff?  What have you tried when faced with these types of situations? When communication stops or becomes adversarial, would you consider mediation?

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