When Mediation Works

sucessMediation is simply negotiations, which are an attempt to keep a matter out of court. It is a form of dispute resolution that one can negotiate part of a settlement. The entire process from start to finish is confidential. Mediation is governed by a mediator, who is present to help with the negotiations. While mediation is not binding in the eyes of the law, any agreements signed during this process are.

Mediation in Nevada has become a popular resolution method to avoid the hefty costs of court. Often businesses but also individuals, use this method as a way to settle their dispute. Mediation can be successful, but when it is not normal court process must resume. Mediation is a great way to avoid all the extra costs that can be incurred in the courtroom. Excess court fees and attorney fees can really add up, mediation will avoid all of those costs.

Mediators are highly trained individuals in conflict resolution. They use various techniques to encourage dialogue between the two parties. The mediator remains impartial throughout the whole process. The mediator has no enforcing powers, such as a judge, but he can help open the other parties’ eyes and allow them to have their point freely brought to the table.

When Mediation works properly, an agreement will be successfully reached and both parties will be satisfied. In order for this process to work efficiently, one must ensure they are open minded and ready for an agreement. Stubbornness and not willing to listen to the other side will not result in a successful mediation.
Mediation also is a great tool for strengthening or denying a case before parties head to court. In Nevada, many mediation meetings have actually proved there is not case. One can usually see from a round of mediation, what the strength of their claim really is.

What is your option?  Could you be open minded and interested in finding a new way to solve an old problem?


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