Avoid Disputes Created by Misunderstanding Contracts

Recently I’ve seen a number of mediation situations where contract issues are in dispute as a result of unfulfilled expectations by a customer.  In each of these cases an employee of the company met with their prospective customer and discussed the customer needs and the benefits of the using their company or purchasing their product.  The prospective customers felt, based on those conversations, that they were prepared to do business and signed a contract.

Time passes and the customer now feels the original agreement has not been fulfilled and refuses to pay or demands a refund.  You may have the most iron clad contract money can buy but regardless of the outcome, you as the business owner are now involved in a contract dispute that can become time consuming, create bad will in the community and include the financial cost of defending your company and your employee.

As a business owner, your employees are the voice of you and your business so making sure they are properly trained in the contract process can save time and money later.  Sales goals, thinking they know what the customer needs, cultural and language differences and communication barriers can create incorrect assumptions.

Contracts are a valuable asset to your business, be sure the communication between the customer and your employees are clear.

Mediation makes sense when you want to end a problem but not a relationship. It is a cost effective, confidential and proven method to work through business conflicts.  For information contact Joanna Wares, Las Vegas Mediation at 702.527.4392, Joanna.wares@gmail.com  https://lasvegasmediation.org/. Sign up for an email subscription on our website to receive articles on how to prevent conflict resolution in your business.



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