When Business Partners Collide

How many time have you witnessed a business implode simply because of disagreement between the partners?

Las Vegas is booming with smart, innovative and creative individuals who are coming together with fabulous ideas for a new business, yet neglecting the basics in their plan for success. Partners or business owners collide when written objectives are not established or not regularly visited.

Productive communication is one of the most challenging components for any organization. Each person may think they are communicating clearly or that the other party should “know” they are keeping up with their part of the agreement. This can quickly become a lack of communication and an opportunity for contention and misunderstanding.

When you feel your business is suffering because of communication issues, take the time to revisit or revise your expectations. Speak openly and honestly with each other and don’t let your dream struggle and die for lack of straightforward conversation.

Sometimes it is difficult of even impossible for people to talk to each other, so working with a neutral third party can be the answer. A mediator helps diffuse difficult conversations, and using a formal process helps the participants move forward toward a solution.

Mediation makes sense when you want to end a problem but not a relationship. It is a cost effective, confidential and proven method of un-complicating difficult conversation.

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