Hey, they owe me!

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When debts seem to become overwhelming many people and business flounder to find solutions. The most common ways to solve debt issues are bankruptcy, legal methods or collection agencies. What most people fail to explore is using mediation as a way to find mutually beneficial and mutually agreed upon ways to solve debt issues.

What does mediation do to help debit issues? It is amazing to learn that failure to pay is often related to reasons that can be overcome and that other options exist that can provide a way for both parties to work out a solution. For borrowers, the barriers can be very emotional, the process of facing debt is humbling and can be humiliating. The borrower may have many reasons for not paying, they may think the work or product delivered was not as agreed, they had poor customer service, they could have financial problems that don’t allow an immediate or full payment or there may be health issues. Most often, sending more collection threats only increases the barriers to a solution. Most people want to keep their promises and pay what they rightfully owe. And, it is always in everyone’s best interest to try to find a way to work things out.

Nevada as well as the rest of the country can benefit by finding ways to communicate in a positive way. I am confident that things our economy will improve, it just makes sense for everyone to explore options that allow both parties to win.

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