Can’t we just talk?

When people disagree they sometimes feel the only way to resolve a problem is to contact an attorney and file a lawsuit and in many cases that would be the best thing to do.  But in other cases there might be another solution for business or individuals and that is mediation.

Our emotions can sometimes compromise our ability to get what we really want from the other person or party.  We KNOW we are in the right and everyone will believe us when they hear what happened!   But sad to say that doesn’t always happen.  Our understanding of a broken or unfulfilled contract may not be the same as what the contract language actually says, a verbal agreement may have different understanding by the two parties, failure to repay a debt may be due to many reasons.  Oh, and by the way, when you are involved in a court case it can become public record.

Mediation is simply negotiations, which are an attempt to keep a matter out of court. The entire process from start to finish is confidential. Mediation is governed by a mediator, who is present as a neutral third party. You have a chance to say what happened and what you think is a fair way to settle the issue and negotiate in good faith.  The outcome, if an agreement is reached, is decided by you and the other party.  Can you include your attorney, sure you can.  Is the process less expensive, in most cases, yes.  How often is there an agreement, statistically over 85% of the time.

So, can’t we just talk?

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