Did I just say that?

I don’t know how it happens but sometimes words just come out of my mouth from nowhere!  I think we all have an impulse somewhere inside that produces a knee jerk reaction when someone says something we don’t like or don’t want to hear.  Ever been there?

Conflict is part of our everyday life and unfortunately it sometimes gets out of hand.  Conflict resolution is another one of the skills not usually taught to us as a society in either our personal or business life.  How many times have you heard about a couple who split up over something that was said or happened years ago?  Unresolved conflicts can fester and spill over years unless identified and addressed.

Why is it just so much easier to pretend it didn’t happen or that you just “want to forget about it” but does that really ever happen?  So it sits there like the elephant in the room that no one wants to admit is there.  It happens to everyone so don’t be embarrassed about it!  The question becomes what to do about it.  I think everyone has different ways that is most comfortable for them to look at disagreements, they may want to go to private counseling, some just let it go, others may find the relationship so damaged they use legal remedies or litigation.  Others find mediation a beneficial method.

Is there another way?  Words or actions can’t be “taken back” but acknowledgment of the incident (everyone makes mistakes) and a sincere apology make a good beginning for resolution.

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