Healthcare Reform

Everyone is concerned about what impact this will have on you as well as your business. The legislation was 2000 pages and does not contain the final regulations on how these changes will be implemented, what we do know is they will be implementing certain parts of the law each year with the most far-reaching changes in 2014. Brown & Brown has been working to stay informed on these changes for some time and through national conference calls has kept our local team well informed. We have also generated a summary of the major areas of reform as well as information on tax credit that will impact some small businesses with fewer than 25 employees.

At least two carriers have taken the imitative to begin the extension of benefits for dependents who are currently covered under their plans to age 26 with implementation dates in the next months. There is still no direction on what will be mandated by National Reform regarding this change but we are hoping for a release of regulations regarding this and other changes sometime this summer.

If you have any questions or would like a copy of either of those documents, please let me know.

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