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Las Vegas Mediation provides trained neutral mediators and arbitrators to work with clients who want to resolve problems.

Joanna Wares, Mediator

Joanna Wares, CM When communication stops or becomes adversarial your business suffers. Addressing disputes between business partners and senior executives through mediation offers a way to keep your business on track.

Joanna is appointed as a mediator for Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program, Clark County Courts Neighborhood Justice Center, State Bar of Nevada Fee Dispute, Clark County Small Claims Court, National Center for Dispute Settlement and Insurance Expert Network.


Dr. Barbara Timmons Strahl is an experienced mediator, facilitator, conflict coach and educator.  She has a doctorate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and has worked in conflict resolution and transformation for more than 25 years.

Formerly at the Clark County Courts Neighborhood Justice Center (NJC), Barbara trained and mentored all of the County mediators for almost 16 years.  Many local attorneys and conflict resolution professionals participated in barbara’s mediation training and continuing education for mediators.

Barbara believes mediation is preferable to litigation which can be costly, time consuming, and end in decisions parties are not satisfied with. Mediation allows participants to discuss issues in privacy and design resolutions that work with their life and circumstances. As a mediator, Barbara helps parties communicate, explore, and work toward what’s important to them. Solutions arrived at in mediation may have never be thought of before this process.

Barbara regularly mediates discrimination and multiparty cases. Her clients include the United States Postal Service, the Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Her practice has included disputes ranging from business to criminal and divorce to neighbor.

Ray Patterson at Red Rock Canyon, NV

Raymond W. Patterson, Esq., was the Associate Director of the Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution at the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV until his retirement in 2013. He was also the founder and original director of the Strasser Mediation Clinic there, where he trained law students to mediate and supervised their mediation of cases referred by Clark County’s Family Court.

Ray believes that a divorce shouldn’t cost more than a wedding, and that people who were able to marry, have children, and take care of their finances by themselves are also able to negotiate their own divorces, and anything else that may arise as they dissolve the marriage contract and start life again as single people.

He has worked as a facilitative mediator for almost twenty years, meaning he does not direct people on what to do, but rather assists them in finding creative means of resolving seemingly intractable disagreements. Ray’s chief concern is that each participant in mediation feels listened to and leaves with an agreement they can live with.

official judgephoto

Gayle Nathan, Esq. Having served as a District Court Judge in the Family Division of Clark County, Nevada, Gayle Nathan is uniquely qualified to understand the benefits that alternative dispute resolution methods provide in resolving disputes.

The cost of litigation is not just financial. There is an emotional price that is paid when people who lived together and raised children bring their disputes into Court. Parents often overlook the burden their court battle puts on their children, on the grandparents, and adult siblings.

Court is not just a concept, it is an adversarial process. Litigants do not fully comprehend they are engaged in a war when they file a court action until they arrive in Court and have their first experience in front of a judge. When lawyers are involved in the process the stakes are even higher, as there are attorney fee requests and a strong desire to “win” for the client. Sadly, no one wins in Family Court, no matter who is the prevailing party.

Ms. Nathan met families where children threatened suicide; cut their wrists; ran away; and acted out in school while their parents did battle in Court. She is committed to promoting mediation to resolve divorce and custody disputes to allow litigants to quickly and successfully resolve their differences while maintaining control over the final result.

Prior to her election to the District Court, Family  Division in 2010, Ms. Nathan practiced law for 22 years. She had a busy employment law practice, litigating Title VII cases in the U.S. Federal Court where she participated in the Early Neutral Evaluation program where most of her cases settled. She has substantial civil experience in contracts and personal injury. Having been an employer with her own firm for 15 years, she understands business law and the banking and tax implications for small businesses.

Ms. Nathan’s appellate practice provides another dimension to her mediation practice. Having argued numerous cases before the Nevada Supreme Court, en banc, and before three judge panels and before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals she can assess the likelihood of success on appeal in cases that are headed in that direction.

Where parties have managed to resolve almost all of their issues, but are unable to resolve a few key points, Ms. Nathan can offer her services as a private judge. She has written an article, “Alternate Trials in Nevada” that details the benefit of this option.

Gayle Nathan is looking forward to working in the alternative dispute resolution arena and offering her services as a private judge to empower people to resolve their disputes without engaging in a court battle.

Andrew Hall Image

Andrew V. Hall, Esq., is an experienced mediator with an extensive background in various types of conflict resolution. He was trained and certified in the Strasser Mediation Clinic, where he mediated divorces and conflicts arising from other civil matters. Upon graduation from the Clinic, Andrew served as an assistant professor and mentor to incoming Clinic students. He also participated in mediations involving multi-million dollar civil disputes during his time in private practice.

Andrew works to help mediation participants develop solutions that may not be readily apparent on the surface of a dispute. He believes that, much like in a negotiation, many of the best solutions are found by “expanding the pie” of possibilities to avoid viewing conflicts as a zero-sum game.

Picture of Matthew Fox_2

Matthew S. Fox, Esq., is a trained and certified mediator who has mediated a wide variety of familial disputes and has successfully helped resolve divorce actions referred by the Clark County Family Court.

Matt, a facilitative mediator, focuses on creating a mediating atmosphere that is more conducive of conflict resolution by asking participants not just what they want, but what they need and why they need it. Often, an explanation proves invaluable, and barriers to resolution fall. Accordingly, through more effective communication over the course of the mediation, Matt believes that participants are able to discuss the terms of an agreement more comfortably, which will ultimately lead to a resolution that each participant will be able to live with.



Las Vegas Mediation (LVM) does not provide legal, arbitration, mediation, private trial or facilitation services. The listed mediators/arbitrators/judges are independent contractors and LVM disclaims any warranty to the performance or quality of services of any independent contractor or service provider. LVM provides marketing, intake and scheduling services for the independent contractors.

The information on this site is general information and is not intended to be legal advice. If specific advice is needed, contact your attorney. All material posted on this site are subject to copyrights and owned by LVM and other individuals or entities. The name, logos and trademark or service marks of Las Vegas Mediation may not be used in any advertising or publicity without the prior express written permission of LVM.


Las Vegas Mediation has adopted the “Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators” adopted by the American Arbitration Association, the American Bar Association, and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

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