About LVM

Las Vegas Mediation provides trained neutral mediators to work with clients who want to resolve problems.

What is mediation?  Sometimes it is difficult or even impossible for people to talk to each other without making a situation worse. Mediation is a process that gives the participants control of the outcome, an opportunity to express your issues and explore options for resolution. The mediator controls the process, helps diffuse difficult conversations and works with the participants to move toward a solution.  Confidential, cost effective, self-determine, common sense,

Some of the issues that can be mediated are:

  • Business
  • Professional fee disputes
  • Real estate
  • Key employee disputes
  • Partnerships
  • Insurance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Workplace
  • Family meetings

Mediation makes sense when the legal system cannot provide the remedy you want:

Joanna Wares, Mediator

Joanna Wares helps you by providing a safe environment to tell the other party what your opinion of the situation is, hear the opinion of the other party, develop solutions to resolve the problems and find going forward ideas to strike a balance.

Joanna is appointed as a mediator for Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program, Clark County Courts Neighborhood Justice Center, State Bar of Nevada Fee Dispute, Clark County Small Claims Court, National Center for Dispute Settlement and Insurance Expert Network.


Dr. Barbara Timmons Strahl is an experienced Mediator, Facilitator, Conflict Coach and Educator.  Barbara has a doctorate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.  She has worked in conflict resolution and transformation for more than 25 years.  Recently retired from Clark County Courts Neighborhood Justice Center (NJC), she is teaching in the University of North Carolina’s graduate Peace and Conflict Studies program, mediating for federal agencies, and contracting meditations and facilitation.

At the NJC, Barbara trained and mentored all of the County mediators for almost 16 years.  Many local attorneys and conflict resolution professionals also participated in barbara’s mediation and continuing education training.  Her training has received certification from entities such as the Nevada Bar Association, the Social Workers Association, and the Nevada Department of Education.

Barbara has been described as a pracademician who utilizes the latest in research and theory in application to conflict resolution. Her practice has included disputes ranging from business to criminal and divorce to neighbor.  She regularly mediates discrimination and multiparty cases.


Las Vegas Mediation has adopted the “Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators” adopted by the American Arbitration Association, the American Bar Association, and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

6069 South Fort Apache Road, Suite 100

Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

(702) 527-4392

(702) 475-3701 fax


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